Food & portrait photographer with more than 10 years of experience in field of photography, graphic desing and advertisement.







Food & Restaurants

Sell more meals. Thanks to our product you can do it simply and easily. We will make photos of your food, prepare graphical design of your menu and print out a unique product your guests will love.

Platinum prints

We will create unique platinum prints for you. This type of photography is considered the noblest one. Pictures are not printed on the paper, but rather are created in a chemical process using platinum. Scientists estimate that thanks to the high stability of the element such picture won’t lose its quality even after 1,000 years. Galleries highly value such prints.

Portraits of People

Unique portraits that will look into the depths of the one captured. For several years I was trying to find a way to make ordinary picture into something exceptional. After the long search I found the answer. It is the correct combination of light, colour palette, sharpness, angle and composition.


3 key words. 3 key differences


There is no one shoot like the other. Every set of pictures is captured in a different mood, light and theme.


When I make multiple pictures in a series I always aim for consistent feel across the board. When you see 2 pictures of the same set, you’ll know they belong to each other.


My motto is: “if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.” That’s why I take my time to each little – even seemingly insignificant – detail.



Perfect technical skill

Technical side of the photography is done perfectly, high attention to detail, composition and modern techniques ensure great pictures.

Pictures used in more than 200 publications

Thanks to more than 5 years of experience with graphical design and photography, pictures are made for simple and effective use in all kinds of media.

Solutions that works

Profit – the return of your cost is absolutely critical. Aesthetics isn’t everything. Results are important.
Our work apparently brings them – since our customers return regularly. 🙂




Look at what we do

Service for restaurants

Food photography & advertisement consultations

We bring fresh breeze into restaurants. Thanks to our beautiful pictures capturing food in the best possible way in a beautifully made book your restaurant will be more successful. Why? You will start selling more meals. Customers won’t be afraid to order your food – they will see what they will get. No more blind buying.

Get radiating and unique pictures of your meals, seasonal specials, desserts and drinks. Your photos will be yours as your products will be shot on a special handmade background (made from wood, concrete, metal and other materials) that will be in line with the theme of your restaurant. Graphical design that will highlight the uniqueness of your work and will help to bring it into a nicely put together menu on your tables for your guests to browse and order a meal.
Pictures and graphic work can be used as a base for advertising posts on social media, internet and television. People can learn about your work from every possible channel.
Don’t hesitate to contact us on, we will gladly respond.

Take a look at our pictures of food and products.

Unique excelence

Platinum prints

Martin Egri’s photographs are unique.
These works are created by a complex process of platinum printing which is considered to be the noblest kind of photography. Pictures are not printed onto a paper, but rather created in a chemical proces using platinum.
It is a process where thin layer of light-sensitive crystals of platinum are applied to a special cotton paper and are exposed to ultraviolet light. Light passes through a large negative and burns the picture intu platinum layer. After that paper is bathed in special chemicals and washed in clean water for several dozens minutes before being dried and readied for the processing. After the processing, which can take several days a unique picture is born.
Platinum printing is the most resilient type of photograhy and scientists estimate its duration without the loss of quality can be up to a thousand years. The value of one platinum print is more than € 1,000.

Platinum printing was invented in 1870 and to this day is considered the most noble and most durable type of photography.



Images that really portay essence

Portairts of people

Photographing people is pure passion. Portrait is more than just a simple picture. Well made portrait should bring out inner part of the person captured. Great portrait brings the viewer an opportunity to know the person on it.
“For long years I worked on learning the true mastery in the creation of black and white portraits, because black and white picture is more than just black and white. There is grey and many shades of it. Thanks to black, grey and white you can make a whole palette of moods
For the past years you can find my pictures in many different and interesting colours underlining the mood as a whole.”


A true stories.

Snapshots of mind

Two years back I woke up with a gut
feeling to capture stories of Birdy’s songs.
I did not know why or how to do it. The only thing I was sure about was the fact that the songs healed me, inspired me and helped me to find out about who I am.

By learning to storytell by photography I discovered that I possess something hidden inside me that I could tell as well.
So I had decided I would make unique book with own stories told by photography in it. You can find in the book:

Series: repaired
Why do people always alter their partners? What role models do they try to imitate? Do they do it due to their own wounds?

Series: immovable
How to help a person unwilling to change? Is it worth trying to pull him out of his comfort zone or should you prepare yourself for the last goodbye?

and more.


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