What is my aim?

To truthfully capture atmosphere and emotions. 

Good photograph will touch you, it must be full of emotion and bring the feeling that you are right at that very moment.

To emphasise uniqueness. 

Every thing can be different highlighting its uniqueness. Sometimes it is only but a small detail; to me that still matters.

To portray stories hidden in songs
by great artists, such as Birdy or Ed Sheeran.

Same way Birdy played with stories and songs she liked were recorded on her first CD, I also like playing with stories. It is my dream to capture what artists hid in their magical and poetic songs.



what is unique?

All photographs are without
any adjustments in Photoshop.
Thanks to my positive relationship to analogue photography and good training in different environments, photos are not edited. Everything I use my computer for is to adjust Exposure, White Balance, Curves and convert to black and white if needed. 

Photos are focused on the natural. 

Naturalness and authenticity are significant aspects of photography. It is not important to shoot overly-stylised mediocre object, but to aptly capture its essence. 

Years-long practice with print and finalisation. 

Thanks to several years of experience with print production I know how to take a picture to make the most out
of an agreed format.




Teen years
As a 13 year old I co-founded information website about local public transport with more than million of visits. While 15 I was making personalised calendars with unique photos. At 18 I started a business in advertising.

I started doing marketing presentations for the school. I worked as a typographer in order to create first agency with complex advertisement services in Slovakia – from taking a photo of a meal to printed and finished menu on a table in a restaurant.

For three years I worked in all the positions in a prosperous restaurant chain where I gained the knowledge of how to make a successful advertising and food photography by watching customers positively reacts to it.



I like to shoot...

People, emotions and stories.

People fascinate me, their experiences and stories. I like to work with portraits and my goal is to express how that person affects me.

Beautiful clothes and acessories.

Part of a beauty of an individual is a smile, clothing with accessories that tell something about them. It creates an image of a person and a beautiful shot to capture.

Food & Restarurants.

I really like food and cooking. I am trying to share this passion with the guests in the restaurant by the means of photography. What you see is what you get is my motto – portions captured and served are the same, only in better lighting. After all who would want to order a meal and get something different.